Dwyer Engineering & Construction

Alcoa Pinjara

Project Details

Client   Alcoa World Alumina

Project Details

Location: Pinjarra – Western Australia

Value: A$ 3 Million

Date:  March 2006 to May 2006

Client: Alcoa World Alumina

Address: Pinjarra Refinery, WA

Contact: Graeme Wyatt

Telephone: 0412 927 094

Project Description:

Alcoa world Alumina contracted Dwyer Engineering and Construction to construct dust filters for the Alcoa Pinjarra Refinery.

Dwyer Engineering carried out all detailing, fabrication, surface treatment and delivery to site.

The three units, each weighing between 50 to 60 ton, posed a great challenge for transportation. The units were fabricated almost to 100%, before being transported to the site.

They were then fully assembled, fitted with platforms, pipes, handrails and grating before being lifted across the site with a 600 ton crane.