Dwyer Engineering & Construction

It is of the utmost concern for Dwyer Engineering and Construction to conduct its business and construction operations in a manner that will promote the protection of the general health, safety and welfare of its employees, the general public and the environment.

To be an environmentally sensitive, competent and respected corporate citizen, Dwyer Engineering and Construction will strive to achieve an organisational culture of environmental excellence.

To maintain a high standard of performance, Dwyer Engineering and Construction has committed as a matter of policy:

To conduct all business and operations in compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards, and where laws to protect the environment are inadequate, apply standards that minimise any adverse environmental impacts.

To provide the financial resources necessary to operate in full compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards.

To communicate openly with government agencies, clients, employees and the general public on efficient environmental management issues.

To encourage all business and sub contractors, engaged by Dwyer Engineering and Construction, to conduct their activities in a manner that will promote the conservation of energy and reduce the generation of waste and the discharge of contaminants to the environment.

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