Dwyer Engineering & Construction


Our fabrication workshop is purpose built for structural steel with incoming material at one end of the workshop to create a one directional flow to get steel through the workshop as quick as possible without compromising on the end quality. We also fabricate tanks, chutes, pipes, spools and pressure vessels. The majority of our clients requests fabrication of carbon steel, however we have experience to also fabricate in stainless, dua plates, bisalloy and other exotic material. Our boilermakers and welders are fully qualified to both AS3992 and AS1554 and are supervised by a Cert 10 welding inspector. The progress and tracking system maintained for each client and project are visible for clients over the internet if requested. Dwyer Engineering has modern CNC machines such as beamline machine and angle line machine to its disposal. These machines assures a cost efficient processing to the hightest precision. This capacity is increased when processing heavier sections of steel. To eliminate errors we have implemented quality controls on every step of the way.